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Tippi did a great job bringing our business values and personality to life through her design work, and we are thrilled with the result. But the value she brings to our business expands far beyond design. I think of Tippi as my secret agent. She is an expert copywriter, social media and SEO strategist. To boot, she is a true WordPress ninja. She helps me with things I don't know anything about but have to know about as a small business owner. Tippi's thoughts and insights have helped to create structure around all of our marketing initiatives and have had a true impact on our business.”
Lee Carson, owner of Hyatt Training, CEO of Florasophy

I was introduced to Tippi by my aunt Rachel Katzman who, as we joke in my family, knows all the best people. She did not disappoint! I had a phenomenal time working with Tippi on branding and content for my website. I was just beginning my private psychotherapy practice, and Tippi was such a big help in organizing my ideas, my brand, and creating my website. She was a delight to work with in all ways—very professional and really understood my vision and ideas. I looked forward to all our meetings. We were both keenly aware of how intimidating it can be for the average person to reach out to a therapist. Tippi created a warm, welcoming and personal website that captured my professionalism and warm spirit. I am proud of what we created. I have received numerous compliments from my colleagues and from other professionals in the field. And I am always thrilled to get to pass along her name!
Julia Katzman, psychotherapist

Hire Tippi, and you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey with a talented designer who will translate your business needs into innovative, engaging visual solutions. Tippi will inspire you to think more strategically about your business. She’ll challenge you (in a good way!) to figure out how best to communicate your value to clients. And she’ll make the whole process an absolute joy, thanks to her professionalism and endless enthusiasm. Hire Tippi, and you’ll be thrilled with the final product she creates for you.”
Gillian Gaynair, writer

If you want a designer that will take the time and measures to fully understand your brand and create clean, fresh and smart concepts for you, hire Tippi. Her designs and strategies cut through the fluff and get straight to the point of what it is you want to communicate, always adding, never taking away. Tippi herself is positively infectious, a joy to be around and always 100% pure inspiration. She will take your business to the next level.”
Kourtney Sellers, commercial and editorial photographer

I'm now onto my second project with Tippi after a successful engagement starting from the logo/branding all the way to a fully functioning e-commerce website. Along the way Tippi has been proactive with ideas, responsive to my needs and dedicated to making the work she does stand out. She has been very cautious to make sure details are paid attention to and that we are forward thinking in our approach. I'm excited to be launching our next initiative with Tippi.”
Neer Patel, owner of the CabKing product line

I loved working with Tippi to rebrand and refresh my website. She took the time to dive (pun intended) into my story and guided me in clarifying what I wanted from my online presence. Tippi has a keen sense of what visitors see when they drop in on your site, and a recognition of how to make the most of people’s time when they find you electronically. She’s a great designer and writer, and she also made the technology accessible so that I could easily take the reins back after she finished with the redesign. If you’re looking for a great partner to up your online game, I recommend working with Tippi and Bright Spot Studio."
Juli Berwald, author and science writer

Circle Yoga in Washington, DC, has been working with Tippi Thole at Bright Spot Studio for two years. She has added a huge amount of value to our business! Starting with a redesign of our logo, our layout and our look, Tippi has guided us in creating timely, eye-catching and informative marketing materials consistently and accurately. These have included quarterly schedules, print advertising, flyers, and creating a consistent look and feel on our website, in social media and in our email marketing. Class enrollments and customer retention, key measures for our business, are up because Circle Yoga has been able to reach our target audience with clarity, content and immediacy. Tippi has been great about listening to us, incorporating our values, asking questions so that she understands the big picture and even cajoling us when we stray from the brand and its message. She is excellent on all the details, including proofing her work so that our review is straightforward. Circle Yoga values Tippi as a member of our team. She is creative, technically excellent, fun to work with and is on top of deadlines.”
Sarah Brown, Director of Finance and Marketing at Circle Yoga

Tippi’s expertise in design and layout will make anything she creates for you shine! Her attention to detail and knowledge of web design as well as branding and marketing are so helpful. If you need a website made or branding/marketing help, you will be very happy that you chose Tippi.”
Rachel Katzman, owner of Sweetly in St. Louis

It's hard to capture, in words, what an asset Tippi is for a business. As I have said to her, she is a true 'unicorn'! She brings a breadth of knowledge not only for technical IT and web design, but a vision for design that leaves you with gorgeous results that function optimally! She stands alone in her field due to her competence, talent, skill and reliability. And she's ridiculously affordable! Tippi has been invaluable in launching and supporting the growth of both of my businesses and I couldn't do it without her.”
Megan Barnett, co-owner of Florasophy and BioLounge

The word 'synergy' is a cliché that is often overused to describe a successful collaboration that can achieve a 1+1=3 type result. This is exactly what Tippi Thole brings to the table. She is a gifted designer who can bring your brand into focus. She will listen to you attentively and bring your ideas to life. The end product will delight you and, most importantly, your audience. I was thrilled with the website that she created for my freelance editorial photography business. Most importantly, my clients have been impressed.”
Richard Tsong-Taatarii, editorial photographer

Tippi is an award-winning, thoughtful, creative and collaborative designer who has a never-ending supply of clever ideas and inspired approaches. What’s more, she exudes positive energy, and her cheerfulness is contagious. I have worked with Tippi as a colleague and a client and have benefited from both. The site she designed for me reflects my work and my aesthetic exactly, and I get compliments on it daily. I love working with her.”
Terri Sapienza, writer and design expert

Tippi completely re-energized my photography business. Her insight, design style and attention to detail were the exact professional touch I needed to make Luxe Photography stand out in a competitive industry. I am so proud to show off my new look and feel to everyone I come into contact with. Tippi is my brand identity savior. What she provides is more than just design. She had me thinking of ways to better market Luxe Photography in a very competitive market, things I don’t think about behind the camera. If I had come to the conclusion early in my career to have Tippi do my design work, I’d have a lot more camera gear to play with now. Do it right the first time. Your brand is everything.”
Brian Sirimaturos, owner of Luxe Photography

Tippi has done great design work for Internews—she is prompt, creative and completely professional. She pays attention to detail, asks the right questions and always presents more than asked for.”
Laura Stein Lindamood, Former Director of Communications at Internews Network

In the past, I always designed my own business logo and cards because I wanted to save money. The results were so-so — professional enough, but nothing exciting. This time I decided to do things right. I hired designer extraordinaire Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio to give my business a fresh new look. She was amazing. Not only did she create a new logo and cards for me, she helped me decide on colors and then developed a whole style guide for my brand.”
Laura Elizabeth Pohl, photographer and filmmaker

The ideal situation is when you can hire someone and just let her go. The more freedom I gave Tippi, the better she made my website. In the end, I just trusted all of the suggestions she had. Tippi was also extremely prompt, with a good turnaround for the final product as well as quick responses to emails along the way. Plus, she’s just fun to work with with! I will continue to go to her for any future website tweaks I’d like to make.”
Lindsey M. Roberts, writer and editor

I hired Tippi to design a website for me that would showcase my jewelry designs. With her keen eye for design and her sensitivity to my needs as a client, the end result is a beautiful, functional website that truly reflects my personal aesthetic. I couldn’t have asked for a better designer to collaborate with!”
Lisa Colby, jewelry maker and metalsmith

Tippi was spot on with her analysis of my case and with her solutions. The branding update she created fits me like a glove. Also she is responsive, organized and affordable for a small business owner like myself.”
Julien Chung, illustrator

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