Luxe Photography

Branding and marketing materials for St. Louis photographer Brian Sirimaturos of Luxe Photography, including business cards, wedding brochure, website and portfolio wedding album.

Brian wanted to grow the wedding portion of his photography business with new marketing materials. He knew he needed something more high end to cater to the higher price point. I created an elegant and modern look that would appeal to brides as well as the local families he already served. I used his existing Luxe logo, which had been in use for a couple years, but gave it a stronger brand identity by adding a gold and silver color palette as well as a ribbon motif. In addition to new business cards showcasing his revamped brand, I designed a tri-fold wedding brochure, overhauled his website and created a portfolio wedding album to show local brides.

Tippi completely re-energized my photography business. Her insight, design style and attention to detail were the exact professional touch I needed to make Luxe Photography stand out in a competitive industry. I am so proud to show off my new look and feel to everyone I come into contact with."
— Brian Sirimaturos

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Luxe Photography business cards by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot StudioLuxe Photography wedding brochure and business cards by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio
Luxe Photography website by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio
Luxe Weddings album by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio