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Branding, website and photography for Rachel Katzman, a baker specializing in custom cookies in St. Louis, Mo.

Rachel’s previous website was outdated and insecure, requiring a complete rebuild. Rather than recreate the same website, we used the opportunity to create a new brand identity and website to help her stand out in a crowded market.

First, we changed her business name (previously Sweet Somethings) to distinguish her from the myriad of other dessert businesses named “Sweet Somethings.” We incorporated “St. Louis” in her name because her baking business is—and always will be—connected to St. Louis. And I love how Sweetly in St. Louis is a play off of the song “Meet me in St. Louis”!

For her logo, I chose a typeface that was reminiscent of the icing detail in her cookies. For the color palette, I chose a teal blue that perfectly complements her signature shortbread and other baked goods. And, I mean, who doesn’t love an edible logo?! With her new brand identity, I created business cards, package tags and stamps so Rachel could make her cookie deliveries extra sweet.

For her website, I created a friendly, easy-to-use WordPress site that showcases all her homemade treats in a bigger and brighter way. Her website now features well-lit, professional pictures (thanks to some photo coaching from me) that make her personalized treats look as good as they taste.

Tippi’s expertise in design and layout will make anything she creates for you shine! Her attention to detail and knowledge of web design as well as branding and marketing are so helpful. If you need a website made or
branding/marketing help, you will be very happy that you chose Tippi.”
—Rachel Katzman

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