Kourtney Sellers

Kourtney Sellers logo by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio
Kourtney Sellers business cards by Bright Spot Studio
Kourtney Sellers website by Bright Spot Studio
Kourtney Sellers self promo poster by Bright Spot Studio
Kourtney Sellers photography marketing materials

Branding, business cards and marketing materials for Chicago photographer Kourtney Sellers.

As a commercial and editorial photographer, Kourtney's specialty is capturing the spirit of kids. She wanted her brand to convey her playful, carefree style yet still be confident and professional. I chose an eye-popping pink for her signature color that matches the bold attitude of her work. The watercolor texture and hand-drawn letters imbue an unfussy beauty that's candid and so Kourtney.

Her designs and strategies cut through the fluff and get straight to the point of what it is you want to communicate, always adding, never taking away. Tippi herself is positively infectious, a joy to be around and always 100% pure inspiration. She will take your business to the next level."

— Kourtney Sellers

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