Julia Katzman

Bright Spot Studio web design project for Julia Katzman

Business cards for Julia Katzman by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio

Notecards for Julia Katzman by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio

Branding, website and marketing materials for Julia Katzman, a psychotherapist in St. Louis, Mo., specializing in anxiety, trauma and substance use.

Julia Katzman was about to open her own practice and needed a way to attract new patients. She wanted to create a look and feel that was modern, approachable, warm and inviting.

For her branding, I chose a typeface that was straightforward and friendly, just like Julia. I then used soft colors and rounded shapes to evoke a soothing and comfortable space.

Once the branding was settled, I designed a WordPress website that explains her services and approach to prospective clients. We worked to make all the website language conversational and approachable so prospective clients would get a feel for what it would be like to talk to her. I also art directed and photo edited her photo shoot to make sure the images were relaxed and friendly.
Once the website was launched, we shifted our focus to marketing. To help Julia spread the word about her new practice, I designed business cards, email newsletter templates and stationary.

Julia’s new practice has been a huge success, and she’s working with her ideal clients.

I was introduced to Tippi by my aunt Rachel Katzman who, as we joke in my family, knows all the best people. She did not disappoint! I had a phenomenal time working with Tippi on branding and content for my website. I was just beginning my private psychotherapy practice, and Tippi was such a big help in organizing my ideas, my brand, and creating my website. She was a delight to work with in all ways—very professional and really understood my vision and ideas. I looked forward to all our meetings. We were both keenly aware of how intimidating it can be for the average person to reach out to a therapist. Tippi created a warm, welcoming and personal website that captured my professionalism and warm spirit. I am proud of what we created. I have received numerous compliments from my colleagues and from other professionals in the field. And I am always thrilled to get to pass along her name!”
—Julia Katzman

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