Hi-Tech Diamond

Hi-Tech Diamond Shopify website
Hi-Tech Diamond machine label by Bright Spot Studio
Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need with new logo

Rebranding and website redesign for Hi-Tech Diamond product line of Reentel International Inc. in Westmont, Ill.

Hi-Tech Diamond sells quality industrial equipment to lapidary and glass artists around the world. Owner Neer Patel recently purchased the 30-year-old product line and wanted to give the brand a modern, professional appearance. The product line is often referred to as "Hi-Tech," so I decided to emphasize those words in the new logo typography. Because "Diamond" in the name refers to diamond abrasives and not diamond gems, I opted for a geometric diamond shape (rather than a faceted gem shape) to create an instantly recognizable and memorable logo. The bold royal blue conveys trust, utility and technology—and it also happens to be the color of one of their most popular machines. The resulting logo is straightforward, elegant and modern. The completely redesigned e-commerce website on Shopify is mobile-friendly and easy-to-use. It features new product photography with 365-degree spins and video tutorials so customers can see the diamond abrasive tools and equipment  in action before purchasing.

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