Branding, e-commerce website, packaging, photography and marketing materials for Florasophy, an organic soluble fiber supplement created in Portland, Ore.

Co-founders Megan Barnett and Lee Carson, whom I’d worked with on other projects, contacted me to help them launch their new fiber product. I was excited and honored to work with them from the beginning and help them hit the ground running!

First, I created a colorful, modern brand identity that distinguishes them from commercial fiber supplements. The intertwined circles in the logo speak to the fact that our health and wellbeing are interdependent and that their supplements are blends. The color palette allows them to color code their three formulas, and the formula patterns, which play off the logo's circle motif, hint at each formula’s function.

After designing their packaging, I built the e-commerce website using Shopify. In addition to designing the website, I set up the products, created explanatory graphics and did some product photography.

Once the website was launched, we shifted our focus to marketing. I designed e-marketing campaigns, Amazon promotional videos, branded YouTube thumbnails, product postcards and social media graphics to help Megan and Lee spread the word about their supplement.

The initial product launch was a success, and the co-founders are poised to order their second batch of Florasophy as I type!

I refuse to work on any project that doesn't involve Tippi! Having worked with Tippi for many years, I knew she was the only person I wanted to enlist to help bring my new startup to life. When we began our work, Florasophy wasn't even named yet. Tippi helped us navigate the challenges of creating a trademarkable name, inspiring us to stay the course until we found something that truly embodied our vision and brand values. She then applied her graphic design talents to bring our brand to life visually. Tippi applied her design expertise to create a brand presence that we feel truly captures the essence of Florasophy. Finally, she used her technical skills to seamlessly translate our brand to a Shopify website, helped us set up our products, then set us up on an email marketing platform. As a startup entrepreneur, there are many things that need attention that fall outside of my expertise. Lucky for me, Tippi has the experience and savvy to navigate many of those things!"
—Lee Carson

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