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Branding and website for EOS Mechanical, a mechanical contractor specializing in HVAC and piping in Greater Chicago, Ill.

Owner Nirav Sapra started EOS Mechanical with a quickly created logo and website he made himself. A year after launching his business, he realized he needed something more professional to stand out from the competition and impress prospective clients.

In creating Nirav’s new logo, I emphasized “EOS” and drew the letters so the serifs resembled both ductwork and pipes. The star in safety yellow color helps add visual interest and subtly references the company’s veteran-owned status and commitment to safety.

Nirav’s original website was a one-page Google Site with basic company contact information. The new website gives prospective clients information about EOS Mechanical’s values, services, past projects and current job openings.

I then applied the new branding to worker apparel and the company trucks to make sure employees would look professional at job sites while simultaneously increasing company name recognition.

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