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Circle Yoga branding by Bright Spot Studio
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Circle Yoga Budding Yogis marketing materials by Bright Spot Studio Circle Yoga envelopes and notepad design by Bright Spot Studio

Branding update and various print marketing materials for Circle Yoga in Washington, D.C.

Circle Yoga's primary goal was to increase enrollment at the studio. Their previous marketing efforts were inconsistent and disjointed, with an outdated logo that didn't match the studio's open and friendly personality. They also needed to unify two distinct brands that had developed — Circle Yoga and Budding Yogis, their kids yoga program. For a fresh look that distinguished them from their competitors, I pulled colors from the studio itself — a warm orange from the brick exterior and a cool teal from the studio's walls. This created an attractive and inviting look for prospective students and a familiar and comfortable look for current students. For continuity with Circle Yoga's previous brand identity, I kept the Futura typeface for the business name but replaced their illustrated logo with a simple circle logo to reinforce the name of the studio. Circle Yoga's class offerings are rooted in the practice of mindfulness, so I created marketing materials that were simple and uncluttered to match their philosophy. Circle Yoga's new brand identity is eye-catching and memorable, which makes their marketing efforts more effective.

[Tippi] has added a huge amount of value to our business! Class enrollments and customer retention, key measures for our business, are up because Circle Yoga has been able to reach our target audience with clarity, content and immediacy. Tippi has been great about listening to us, incorporating our values, asking questions so that she understands the big picture, and even cajoling us when we stray from the brand and its message. She is excellent on all the details, including proofing her work so that our review is straightforward. Circle Yoga values Tippi as a member of our team. She is creative, technically excellent, fun to work with, and is on top of deadlines."
—Sarah Brown, Director of Finance and Marketing at Circle Yoga

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