Bright Spot Studio DIY holiday tree
For this fun project, all you need are scissors and glue and a holiday card from yours truly. (You can also download the printable template). Use your DIY holiday tree as a workspace decoration or a craft project to do with your kids. Happy holidays from Bright Spot Studio!

DIY holiday tree

DIY holiday tree: Cut out trees

Cut out trees

DIY holiday tree: Valley fold along dotted lines

Valley fold along dotted lines

DIY Holiday Tree: Glue backs of trees

Glue backs of trees, then assemble as shown

DIY Holiday Tree: Enjoy!


*WARNING: For indoor use only. Not suitable for children under 2. Exercise caution when using scissors. Electrical lights applied to tree may create fire hazard. Do not throw tree as sharp corners could cause injury. Consumption of alcoholic beverages may impair your ability to assemble this tree. ;)

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