Luxe Photography Facebook redesign

After redesigning Luxe Photography’s website, owner Brian Sirimaturos asked me to redesign his company’s Facebook banner. It was an important piece of his marketing strategy, and it didn’t match his new, modern visual identity.

Before …

Facebook business page of Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos


Facebook business page of Luxe Photography, redesign by Tippi Thole of Bright Spot Studio

The new cover image incorporates the ribbon motif, color palette and modern aesthetic I had infused into his brand identity. The new profile picture is direct, friendly and personable — just like Brian. And by changing his location to St. Louis, Mo., to reflect where his clients are, he became more relevant to a broader client base. Now his social media image is in line with the rest of his brand, one that communicates simplicity and elegance. I don’t think it’s an accident that there are 268 more people talking about his business!

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