Bright Spot Studio branding

Bright Spot Studio greeting cards and stickers by Tippi Thole

I wanted my visual identity to convey my brand’s principles: creative, fun, friendly, enthusiastic and smart. These adjectives describe every element of my business, from the work I produce for clients to how I interact with them. Because I create brand identities for clients, it was extra important that I have a strong, consistent and authentic brand myself.
Bright Spot Studio business cards by Tippi Thole
Bright Spot Studio business cards by Tippi Thole

The rounded sans serif typeface, polka dot motif and bright colors reinforce both my and my company’s personality. My business cards’ smooth finish complements my modern aesthetic, and the rounded corners convey friendliness and play off my brand’s dot motif.

Bright Spot Studio greeting cards by Tippi Thole

Greeting cards allow me to get creative with my brand identity, where I challenge myself to make unique designs that prominently feature polka dots and my brand’s color palette.

Bright Spot Studio stickers by Tippi Thole

Logo stickers for mailings are a playful way to set the stage for something fun inside.

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