Branding questionnaire


    Contact info

    Your name

    Your title

    Mailing address

    Email address

    Phone number

    Website URL


    Company info

    Company name

    Company size

    Description of services and specialty

    Who is your target market or audience? Be as specific as possible (i.e., demographics, interests, education, income level, etc.).

    What adjectives best describe your business and its personality?

    What image do you want to portray?

    Who are your primary competitors? Please include website addresses.

    How do you differ from your competitors? What makes you standout? Why do clients/customers choose you?
    (i.e., price, service, experience, reputation, etc.)

    What are your business plans/goals for the next year?

    Where would you like to be in five years?

    How do people first hear about you? (i.e., referrals, ads, foot traffic, website, Facebook, etc.)



    Do you have an existing logo?

    If so, do you want to update it or create something completely new?

    Exact name/wording to appear in logo


    Where will your logo and branding be used?

    adsapparelbusiness cardsemailstationerymarketing materials (print)signagesocial mediawebsiteother

    Any color preferences (or existing colors) that you'd like incorporated into your branding?

    Any icons or images I should use (or avoid) in your branding?

    What feelings do you want your logo and branding to convey? What messages do you want to avoid?


    Project details

    Do you have a start date in mind? Do you have a target completion date?

    What is your budget for this project?

    Any additional project details you'd like to share?


    How did you hear about Bright Spot Studio?

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